Student Profiles

  • Cole Ashworth

    "The program allows me to go to college and learn how to be responsible and live on my own. I have had the opportunity to make friends."

    Hometown: Simi Valley, CA

    Interests: Going to football, basketball and baseball games; hanging out with the [Mountaineer] maniacs

    Career Interests: Hospitality and service industry

    Parent Perspectives: The program has taught my student valuable daily living skills, and he has made good friendships with other classmates. The teachers are excellent, and they are patient and caring. He looks forward to attending class each day.

  • Michael Loudon

    "This program is a great program for me."

    Hometown: Dearborn, MI

    Interests: Police Officer

    Career Interests or Plan After College: Have my own family/have my own place

    Parent Perspectives: Although my son is only in the second month of the program, he is thrilled to be part of it to allow him to continue his education. Many students with special needs are not accepted to certain colleges & universities, so he was a little discouraged until the Country Roads program started. He is able to further education at a pace that he and the other students can follow working on life skills that they can use in real life situations.

  • Sadie Moon

    “It [Country Roads] can help me learn and get more experience with the things I need to open my own daycare and be a successful adult."

    Hometown: Romney, WV

    Interests: MineCraft, YouTube, working with children, animals, and cooking

    Career Interests: I want to open or work in a day care center

    Parent Perspectives: It has been great for Sadie. She is learning how to interact with peers as well as learning responsibility for keeping a schedule and meeting deadlines. She is excited each evening to tell me what she learned and what her homework is for that night. She is excited to complete projects and share them with her friends and teachers.

  • Maddie Porter

    “It is a dream come true to go to college.”

    Hometown: Hedgesville, WV

    Interests: Pets, Babies, Family, Music

    Career Interests: Working with infants and small children

    Parent Perspectives: Maddie has absolutely loved the WVU Country Roads Program! This opportunity has given Maddie a sense of purpose, confidence and a new outlook on her future. I truly believe that despite our efforts in helping Maddie achieve her goals, that her life before this program wasn’t meeting her own personal and professional goals (i.e. “ I want to go to college, I want to be like everyone else, I just want to meet people like me.”) with that I suspected she was becoming depressed.

    Now, Maddie gets up each day at 6am ready to learn, she says to us: “I can’t believe how fast the week goes, a day used to be forever;” she now has purpose. I can often hear Maddie participating and interacting with faculty and peers during class and on the evening, I hear her laughing and laughing speaking to her peers; she now meets people “like her.” Lastly, Maddie comes to the table rich with information and details about her studies, she is excited to soak all of this up and I no longer hear the despair in regards to her future; it has not gone unnoticed to me that often her personalized goals are incorporated in her studies. While this program is for Maddie, it has also been the answer to this mother’s prayers. I too feel more at peace knowing I now have a village.

  • Abbie Tennant

    “The reason I would like to be in the country roads program is because I would meet new people hopefully make so new friends. And learn how to be more independent.”

    Hometown: Morgantown, WV

    Interests: hanging out with my family and friends; horseback riding

    Career Interests: Nursing